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4 Cores

-The Values We Strive For -


The Customer:

At Simply Risen Coffeehouse, we understand that when you walk through our doors, you aren’t just here for an average cup of joe. And our aim is to provide you with nothing but our best. All of our espresso beverages are made with custom roasted beans, hand picked and tested to provide an exceptional European coffee drinking experience. We also recognize the importance of good atmosphere, because it’s not just about the coffee, its about the comfort you feel when sit in a cozy chair and take in your morning. So if you don’t have plans, there’s no need to rush, enjoy your seat and breathe in your day. We’re here for you.  

The Community:

Ozark is a place near and dear to our hearts, and we believe a place close to the Lord’s as well. Though we are only one business, we want to do our part in, not only bringing our community closer together, but bettering our town as a whole. For this reason we are putting our best foot forward and partnering with local organizations and individuals who are focused on the betterment of aesthetic appearance and infrastructure, especially in the town's square. Because a city as wonderful as ours deserves the love and pride of its people.


The World:

We recognize the global implications coffee has on our world’s economy and how even though it is a mass harvested  product and a blossoming industry, many field workers don’t benefit from their rigorous labor. For this reason, fair-trade coffee beans are an essential part of our mission because we believe that all of God’s people ought to be treated with the love and respect they so desperately deserve.

Our Missionaries:

As former missionaries ourselves, we believe it is important for the rest of the world to know the good that these men and women do for a cause higher than themselves for people they hardly know. From Madagascar to the Asia, we hope to raise awareness to those we serve by providing information and new experiences through food and drink from around the world.

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