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Hours of Operation:
Tuesday- Saturday
7am - 2:30pm



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Some Like it Hot

Hot Espresso


1.50 per shot

*Flavored drinks available only in 12 & 16oz*


                        8oz    12oz    16oz

Americano     3.25    3.75    4.25

Cortado          3.75      —         —

Cappuccino    3.75    4.25    4.75

Latte               3.75    4.25    4.75

Mocha                —    4.50    5.00


Drip Coffee

                       1.25    1.75    2.25

*Most drinks can be made Iced & Decaf*



Caramel, Vanilla, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Irish Cream


Sugar Free: 

Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla, White Chocolate, Chocolate 

***Milk substitutes available upon request + .50 ***

Crafted Teas & Tea Lattes

-All teas can be made iced - 

Matcha Latte 

-made with lavender and honey-

12oz- 4.50   16oz- 4.95

Chai Tea Latte 

12oz- 4.50    16oz -4.95

London Fog (Earl Grey Latte)

12oz- 4.50    16oz -4.95

Seasonal Blends/ Chia/ Earl Grey

(Regular Steeped Tea)

12oz- 3.25    16oz -3.50

Non-Caffeinated Beverages 



(steamed milk with flavor)


House-made Hot Cocoa 


Chocolate Milk

8oz- 3.25     12oz- 3.75     16oz- 4.25



About Us

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Fair-trade sourced and micro adjusted to perfection, view and purchase our custom blends in store or on our website.


Our 4 tiers of impact:

-The People 

-The Town 

-The World

-The Selfless

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West Commercial Street 

Ozark, Arkansas